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    Tom and Jerry Rig a Bridge
    Who hasn't have a really good time watching the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, on which Tom is constantly trying to catch Jerry unleashing chaos and destruction on his way. Jerry has always been smart enough to leave unscathed from the paws of Tom, however, on "Tom and Jerry Rig a Bridge" he should use that intelligence to build a resistant bridge to reach the cheese. To help Jerry all you have to do is place the required matchsticks to build each bridge using the cursor. The game has twenty five levels, on the level 0 Jerry has the easiest part since he has to eat the cheeses using the bridge, on this level you will see a bridge which is already built to get the idea of how the next bridges should be done. On level 1 you will have to build your first bridge with matchsticks so Jerry can use it, as a hint you will see small circles where the ends of each matchstick should be placed, matchsticks button can be found on the upper right corner.

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    Tom and Jerry Rig a Bridge  
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