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    Gotham City Rush
    In Gotham City Rush game, you take control of Batman as he fights his way through Gotham City. You'll need to beat up the bad guys, avoid obstacles, and perform fancy maneuvers to obtain the highest score and stay alive as long as possible. Batman can perform several different attacks, from a basic punch to an advanced flying kick. You'll also have some of Batman's signature tools at your disposal, like the trusty Batarang. Use these attacks and more to take out the criminals you meet along the way. As you advance further into the game, you'll find enemies become more and more challenging. Most enemies are thugs, taken out with a single attack, but eventually you'll discover jet-pack wielding foes that require a bit more strategy to take out. This may be helpful in picking up items that may be otherwise out of reach.

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    Gotham City Rush  
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