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    Batman the Cobblebot Caper
    If you want to play a fun online then you should consider play the "Batman the Cobblebot Caper" game. The main two reasons that people like to play this game is because its free and it has Batman in it. People like to play the Batman games because they involve playing the role of Batman during the game. The name brand has a lot to do with why people like to play this game. Since so many games cost a lot of money, it is also nice to be able to play a free game such as this one. To play this game, you only need to know certain move. The space bar allows the user to glide or jump to the next building. The left arrow and right arrow allows Batman to go in that respective direction. The up arrows Batman to look up and the down arrow allows Batman to jump.

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    Batman the Cobblebot Caper  
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