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    Batman Dynamic Double Team
    In Batman Dynamic Double Team, a free online action Flash game, Batman and Blue Beetle team up as partners to defeat Kanjar Ro's space pirates. You play the game as Batman, and Blue Beetle shows up to assist you when you call him. You move Batman with the left and right arrow keys. The X key is for jumping, and the Z button is for punching. When you combine the down arrow key and press Z, Batman will perform a sliding kick which tackles opponents. When you hold the up arrow key and press Z, he will perform a flying knee thrust that sends your opponents flying. If you press the Z key after you jump, Batman does a jump kick. When you beat opponents, they will drop blue scarabs. Collect those scarabs to fill your Blue Beetle meter, so you can call Blue Beetle to help you by pressing the space bar. When the meter is full, you can call Blue Beetle three times.

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    Batman Dynamic Double Team  
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