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    Ben 10 Hero Hoops
    Ben 10 Hero Hoops is a arcade game about helping Ben improving his jump shot. The controls are pretty easy, the mouse moves you around and with a click of the left mouse button the ball is let loose. The game mechanics are pretty simple too, with three levels of multiple basketball hoops moving left to right. Every time a ball goes into a hope you score points, or a special effect activates. Additional points for scoring two or even three rings in one shot. The regular backboards are colored coded and give you different amount of points. Orange is the highest with 250 points, red follows with 200, then blue with 150 and finally green with a mere 100. Regardless of color, you want to try shooting for the highest level. If the ball goes in two baskets you earn a 1000 points bonus and if you're good three basket from one shot will score you a 3000 point bonus.

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    Ben 10 Hero Hoops  
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